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Courtier Pharma was born in 2012 through the association of three experienced representatives: Jimmy Tardif, Michel St-Pierre and Yan Labonté. In 2014, Daniel Leblanc joined Courtier Pharma. Strengthened by this new association and in response to numerous customer requests, in 2016 they created Groupe Pharma, a distribution division. In 2023, Daniel Leblanc leaves the company and 2 new partners, Mathieu Vézina and Josiane Perras, join the structure.

With their many years of experience in pharmacies, they have built a team that represents today's brokerage and needs.


Courtier Pharma is a group of 9 pharmacy representatives who travel throughout Quebec as well as the French-speaking territories of Ontario and New Brunswick, to put your products in first place.

The grouping Courtier Pharma represents several companies including Pur Noisetier, Beké-Bobo, GenacolAthri-Plus, Emu Dundee, CitrobugBonté Distribution, Jimmy Sévigny, Yummy Sports, Landart and this in all major pharmacy chains such as Jean Coutu, Accès Pharma (Wal Mart), Proxim, Uniprix, Familiprix, Brunet, Pharmaprix.

Reliable, professional and timely service with pharmacy visits every 4,6,8,10 and 12 weeks  Even remote areas are visited 4 times a year, which allows for better visibility and more human contact with customers.

Our Team

At the top of this group you will find the four partners of Courtier Pharma who stand out with several mentions and years of experience:

Jimmy Tardif


Pharma Broker

(450) 888-0120

Michel St-Pierre


Pharma Broker

(418) 265-8829

Yan Labonté


Pharma Broker

(514) 913-0882

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