Courtier Pharma offers a complete pharmaceutical representation service for your product. Our team of 9 representatives traveling across Quebec and New Brunswick to put your product in the foreground.


We buy your product directly and take care of selling, delivering and collecting the Pharmacy for you.


Courtier Pharma group operates in several major drugstore chains and department stores. Discover our vast network!

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Why you should work with a broker?

Choosing Courtier Pharma as your broker means choosing an experienced team that works for you. A team with whom you will have the pleasure of working and people of heart whom you considered as members of your family. Because at the heart of our operations, it is your success that counts.

We travel throughout Quebec as well as the French-speaking regions of Ontario and New Brunswick. Then, we offer a turnkey representation service with the choice between brokerage or distribution.

Turnkey services

The many advantages of our turnkey service:

Brokerage :

  • No management of sales team personnel
  • No fixed annual salary obligation to be paid
  • Many representatives on the road to promote your products
  • Percentage based on sales

Distribution :

  • No delivery and invoicing management
  • No receivable account to manage
  • Unmatched support for SMEs
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